Jane Carlsen

Jane fell in love with yoga in 1993, after attending an Iyengar class with a friend in San Francisco. She attended 5 classes over 4 days and returned to her Yamhill County farm determined to find a teacher of her own. Her good fortune brought her to Julie Lawrence, still and always her primary teacher, although she studies with Patricia Walden, John Schumacher, and other senior Iyengar teachers whenever she gets the chance. Friends drafted her into teaching, and she discovered she loved sharing the gifts of yoga. She began apprenticing with Julie around 1996. She’s taught ever since.

Jane is interested in yoga as an active philosophy, and she combines the practical engagement of asana with the wisdom of Patanjali’s sutras to create an experience that is both grounding and provocative. In her classes, she aims to teach precision of movement and thought coupled with an attitude of adventure, joy, and reverence. Jane has taught Adaptive Yoga for people with multiple sclerosis and other chronic problems for more than twenty years and has participated in research projects with OHSU and Kaiser. She has been a contributing author to studies published in Neurology and The International Journal of Yoga Therapy.

Jane has left the farm, but she still loves to ride horses, garden, and spend as much time as she can in the forest. When she’s not outside, she writes fiction and poetry, draws comics, and enjoys live music.  You can learn more about Jane, and enjoy her work via her website : http://janecarlsenyoga.com/.

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