lotus-smallerReviving Your Joy (In Person)

Lori Raydo 
Saturday, June 25th
1:00 – 3:00 pm

Rediscovering your joy and balance in this ever changing world can be hard. Practicing poses such as back extensions that open and uplift the body can reconnect us with our inner curiosity and happiness.

The class will be a mix of active and passive shoulder and chest openers and poses to open the front of the hips. Come experience, play, reflect, and absorb some joy in a community atmosphere.

Open to all students with at least 6 months of Iyengar Yoga experience.


lotus-smallerIyengar Yoga for Covid Recovery

Roberto Astorga 
Saturday, July 23rd
1:00 – 3:00 pm

In the beginning of the Pandemic, I was diagnosed with COVID 19 and I want to share my experience healing from the virus with you!

Two years later, we still have a high number of people becoming sick with the virus.

In this workshop, you will practice a sequence designed by the Iyengar Institute of England. We will practice the poses recommended for the recovery phase of COVID, which focus on the respiratory system, the adrenal system and the nervous system.

My goal is that you learn the sequences designed for the process of recovery. These tools can be used when recovering from any disease involving the respiratory system.

This workshop will meet in person at Jewel Yoga. Proof of vaccination is required.


lotus-smallerMapping the Chakras

Jane Carlsen
3 Sundays : August 14, September 18, October 16
2:00 – 4:00 pm
$35 each, or $75 for the full series

What are the chakras and what can they be used for?
This workshop will use asana to explore the chakra system so that we can use the chakras to explore and refine asana. These “wheels” of energy provide a map to the subtle energies of the human body. Perceiving these energies can allow us to see our bodies in new ways, allowing us to bypass confusion from old habits and injuries.
As part of the prana kosa, (the energy body) the chakras move both physical and emotional energy. Perceiving the chakras and learning to work with them in asana gives us another tool for physical and emotional balance as well as adding depth and interest to our daily practice.

Proof of vaccination is required.

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