lotus-smallerQuiet, Cool, and Calm

Tonya Garreaud 
3 Wednesdays : July 1st, 15th, and 29th
7:30 – 8:30 pm
$45 for the series, $20 single class

This one-hour restorative class will use supported asanas to release the physical and mental tension from the day while building a deeper awareness of the body and breath.  Using support can allow for a quieter way of working that relies on the movement of the breath.  These asanas will help cool the body and brain bringing a peacefulness that will promote a good night’s sleep.  Open to all levels.  Blankets, blocks, a belt and a bolster will all be useful, but students are encouraged to utilize common household items as substitutes.


lotus-smallerSpecial Focus Series : Shoulders

Tonya Garreaud 
2 Fridays : July 10th, 24th
10:00 – 11:30 am
$45 for the series

Whether you’ve been struggling with tight shoulders for years or are attempting to find ways to counteract the inevitable increase in your computer time of late, this series will present simple movements that, done daily, will bring greater freedom to the shoulders.  We’ll also examine how the positioning of the upper back is directly related to shoulder mobility and how to strengthen the upper back for shoulder health. Open to students of all levels with some Iyengar Yoga experience.


lotus-smallerThe Art of Progression

Tonya Garreaud 
Friday, July 31st
4:00 – 6:00 pm

Yoga is a process of moving gradually toward a higher state; in asana, we use the body as the means for transformation.  This transformation (parinama) depends on a step-by-step progression (krama) that supports the development of the body and concentration and steadiness of the mind. This two-hour class allows time to explore in greater depth the many dimensions of an advanced asana and how these challenging poses can be practiced with purpose.  The asana sequence will reveal hidden links that will allow students to work toward an unfamiliar pose with greater confidence and ease.  


lotus-smallerLaurie Blakeney

Friday, October 23 – Sunday, October 25

Laurie Blakeney holds an Advanced Level Teaching Certificate granted to her by the late BKS Iyengar. She began her Iyengar Yoga Studies in 1971, and has studied annually in Pune India at the Iyengar Institute since 1983. She has a BA in comparative religions, and a not so long ago career as a piano tuner/technician.

She brings to her class a uniquely personal and direct style of teaching, challenging students while helping them to explore and appreciate their potential. She loves to include artistic and philosophical considerations while staying true to the precision and healing technique known to be a cornerstone of the Iyengar Yoga method.

Open to students with at least one year of Iyengar Yoga experience.


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