Class Descriptions

weekly-classesAt Jewel Yoga, we offer classes on a quarterly basis. Weekly classes teach an orderly, systematic progression of poses to develop each student’s ability both within a class and from one class to the next. Consistent attendance reinforces learning.

Our class offerings are structured to reflect a progression based on experience, depth of understanding and skill level. This natural progression provides a foundation for growth from quarter to quarter, year to year.

We encourage you to move from one level to the next at your own pace. Always feel free to ask the advice of your instructor or give us a call if you are uncertain about which level is most appropriate for you. In addition to the distinct class levels, we offer a variety of special classes, as you can see below:

lotus-bigLevel 1
Introduction for beginning students or students new to the Iyengar method. Emphasis is on learning the fundamentals of alignment with standing poses that stretch and strengthen the body to achieve balance. Basic postures are taught with special attention to breath.  Both 60 minute, and 90 minute offerings.

lotus-bigLevel 1-2
For students who have completed at least one year of Level I and prefer a gradual transition to Level II. This level is also ideal for those with previous yoga experience who are new to Iyengar Yoga.

lotus-bigLevel 2
For students who have completed a minimum of one year of Iyengar Yoga. A wider range of basic poses will be introduced and refined, including standing poses, beginning inversions, back arches, forward bends and twists. Students learn how to include these poses in home practice, bringing the benefits of yoga into daily life.

lotus-bigLevel 2-3
For students who have completed at least one year of Level 2 and who are ready to move beyond the basics. Refinement of standing poses, inversions, backbends, seated twists, forward bends and beginning arm balances are part of this class.

lotus-bigLevel 3
For students who have taken Level 2 for at least one year: Students should be able to do headstand (at the wall), full arm balance against the wall, shoulder stand, and back arches from the floor. In addition to refining familiar poses, variations of the inversions and more challenging back arches and twists will be explored. As understanding of the poses deepens, the inner experience of yoga reveals itself.

lotus-bigMindful Alignment
This class combines active poses and relaxation equally in a supportive environment. In our busy lives, stress accumulates every day and rarely, we interrupt the cycle before it becomes toxic. “Mindful Alignment” is a class designed to impact the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems evenly. Students will practice restorative poses and inversions combined with active poses. A basic practice of pranayama is also introduced. At least 6 months of experience in Iyengar Yoga is required.

lotus-bigAll Levels
This well-rounded class is taught in a way that invites students to find the right amount of challenge for themselves. The sequence of poses will include stages of progression with adaptations suggested when needed. Appropriate for those who have some experience with yoga.

lotus-bigBack Care Yoga
For those seeking to gently improve the health of their back. Using basic Iyengar Yoga principles, guidance is provided to lessen pain and improve function. All are welcome to attend.

lotus-bigGentle Yoga
This is for students who want a slower paced, less rigorous class. Focus is on increasing mobility and flexibility while enhancing physical and mental vitality. Ideal for seniors.

lotus-bigDrop Ins
Although we encourage students to register for a full term, we do allow drop-ins. The drop-in fee is $18; the drop-in fee for students enrolled in another weekly class is $15.

lotus-bigPrivate Instruction
Personalized yoga consultations are available. Check with your teacher or with the office to schedule a session.

About Us

Yoga is the calming wind that blows over our noisy lives. One good yoga stretch and the noise in my head is gone. Nothing else that I do in my life works so quickly or so well. At the end of each class or practice I rejoice that yoga has not only taken the knot out of my back, it has also taken the knot out of my head.

—Sonja C