Begin Now

begin-nowAt Jewel Yoga, we make it easy for you to start doing yoga; no one is too stiff, old, overweight, or out of shape to begin. If you are new to yoga, or new to the Iyengar method, you are welcome to attend one of our Free Introductory Yoga classes. The introductory classes are offered before the start of each new term.

Iyengar Yoga is designed to be adaptable to your needs and abilities so that you can achieve the correct alignment in all the poses. Regardless of your current strength or flexibility, you can gain a higher degree of relaxation and personal well-being through a consistent practice of Iyengar Yoga.

We offer classes on a quarterly basis. Weekly classes develop your ability both within a class and from one class to the next. Level 1 classes introduce the fundamentals of alignment, principles of movement, tools for concentration, and the essentials of relaxation. The focus is on the basic postures with special attention to standing poses and the breath. We also offer Aging Gracefully, Adaptive Yoga, and Gentle Yoga for those who prefer a slower pace.


“Great space, excellent instruction. Friendly welcoming atmosphere.” Matt K.