Our Name Change

A Personal Message from owner Julie Bosworth

julie-001The Julie Lawrence Yoga Center has become Jewel Yoga, two years after ownership of the center passed from Julie Lawrence to me, Julie Bosworth. It continues to be my honor and privilege to support and lead this beloved studio. Julie Lawrence has no plans to retire from teaching (thank goodness!) and yet she is ready to have her name come off the masthead. Our new name – Jewel Yoga – is a nod to the shared “Julie” in our names, as well as to my nickname “Jule”.  It is also a tribute to the JEWEL that is our yoga practice – a precious gift that we carry with us and that shines with beauty, like a gemstone.

When I faced the darkest time of my life – when my husband went missing in southern Oregon in 2011 – I relied on my yoga practice to keep me centered. Throughout the weeks and months of searching for Mark, my yoga practice was one of the few ways I could ground myself in that uncertain and painful time, and it felt incredibly valuable. To this day, we don’t know what happened to Mark and this is my great sadness. One of my unexpected joys since losing Mark is the opportunity to be right here where I am at Jewel Yoga, where every day I keep the jewel of my yoga practice close at hand. I hope that you also treasure the jewel of yoga, through class, through practice and throughout your life.



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